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Career Support Services 

At SLS Orientations we offer a range of Career Support Services. 

  • Job Search and Job Applications
  • CV, & Cover Letter Writing & Review and LinkedIn Profile Review
  • Interview Skills & Preparation
  • Presentation Skills & Preparation
  • Job Offer Assessment & Negotiation
  • Settling in in Your New Job
  • Actualising My Career Coaching Programme

Job Search and Job Applications

Conducting an effective job search and writing effective job applications requires both a strategy and a plan. Your strategy and plan need to align your values, strengths, motivations and aspirations with the jobs that are of interest to you. 

During a 90-minute coaching session Sue will enable you to create your job search and application strategy and plan. You will receive a checklist to help you get started. 

Contact Sue here or at sue (at) to learn more and to book your coaching session. 


CV & Cover Letter Writing & Review and LinkedIn Profile Review

Your CV is your very own personal brochure and together with a well-written cover letter, your CV should convince an employer to progress your application further. Whether you need a total makeover or a review of your CV or cover letter(s) Sue can assist you by:

  • enabling you to write your chronological, contractor and/or academic CV from scratch 
  • reviewing your CV and cover letter focusing on the job(s) you intend to apply for
  • enabling you to write a master CV and master cover letter that will save you time and effort each and every time you apply for a job

Your LinkedIn profile will also be reviewed 

Contact Sue here or at sue (at) to learn more and to book your coaching session. 


Interview Skills & Preparation

Congratulations! You have been invited to attend an interview. All your hard work preparing your application has paid off; you have successfully convinced the employer that you have the credentials they are seeking.

During the interview the employer will be looking for evidence that you are capable of doing the job and that you will be a good fit within the organisation. With this at the forefront of your mind, your next step is to thoroughly prepare for the interview; preparation will increase your confidence and your chances of being offered the job.   

At SLS Orientations, Sue offers one- and two-hour interview coaching sessions as follows:  

One hour interview coaching sessions are specifically designed for:

  • Initial screening interviews conducted by telephone, video or face-to-face
  • Reviewing your interview performance when job offers are not forthcoming

Two hour interview coaching sessions can include some of the following based on your needs and the position you have applied for:

  • Interview preparation
  • Dealing with telephone, video and face-to-face interviews
  • Answering frequently asked questions
  • Answering job-specific questions
  • Competency-, behavioural- and experienced-based questions & the STARR technique
  • Answering difficult questions
  • A practice (mock) interview including feedback on your performance
  • Designing questions to ask the employer
  • Interview follow-up

Contact Sue here or at sue (at) to learn more and to book your coaching session. 


Presentation Preparation & Skills

Some organisations require you to deliver a presentation as part of the recruitment process.  During a two-hour presentation preparation and skills coaching session

  • the structure and content of your presentation will be reviewed
  • typical presentation assessment criteria will be shared
  • you will practice a (mock) presentation and receive feedback on your performance

Contact Sue here or at sue (at) to learn more and to book your coaching session. 


Job Offer Assessment & Negotiation

Congratulations, you have a job offer! It's a great feeling to be offered the job you have worked hard to secure and you will no doubt be keen to get started. I encourage you however to STOP! and take time to assess and negotiate the job offer. During a 45-minute coaching session your job offer will be assessed to ensure it is right for you and to ensure that you secure the right remuneration package in order that you will feel valued in the work.  

Contact Sue here or at sue (at) to learn more and to book your coaching session. 


Settling in in Your New Job

First impressions count. During the first days in your new job you will be focusing on building relationships with your new colleagues and on ensuring that you both understand and start working towards what is expected of you. During a one-hour coaching session Sue will discuss with you what you should focus on in your first 100 days in your new job. 

Contact Sue here or at sue (at) to learn more and to book your coaching session. 


Actualising My Career

Actualising My Career is a tailor-made, online, practical career coaching programme designed to look at how to conduct effective job research, how to present yourself professionally to potential employers how to effectively negotiate a job offer and how to manage the first months in your new job. 

The programme comprises 4-Steps as follows:

·        Step 1 - Job, Country, Industry and Organisation Research

·        Step 2 - Applications - My CV, Cover Letters & LinkedIn Profile 

·        Step 3 - Interview Preparation & Skills

·        Step 4 - Job Offers & Negotiations and Settling in in your New Job

Contact Sue here or at sue (at) to learn more and to book your free 30-minute exploratory meeting and to book your Actualising My Career coaching programme. 

Prices? You are unique and your career needs will be different to the next person. Contact Sue here or at sue(at) to discuss your career needs and to learn more about our quality service at competitive prices. 

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