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Sue Schoormans
Sue Schoormans

About Sue

Hello and thank you for visiting the SLS Orientations website. My name is Sue Schoormans (formerly Luford); my career to date has been a journey comprising lots of twists and turns. On this About Sue page I share with you a few of these twists and turns, some of which may resonate with you. 

Will I fit or will I be a misfit? 

An organisation’s culture is about “the way we do things around here”, in short, its personality. Its personality needs to be compatible with your personality. If incompatibility exists then there is a mismatch. While I have worked with some great people and some terrific managers in my career, the opposite is also true; I have experienced personality incompatibility on more than one occasion in my career. I was a misfit and being a misfit is no fun! Walking to work each day feeling like a ball and chain is tied to your feet – not one foot but both feet is a seriously heavy feeling and is not sustainable over a long period! Ensure you are a fit and not a misfit in your career. 

Recruitment has always been my area of passion within my career as an HR professional

All of my employment positions have, to a greater or lesser extent, involved recruiting others. I have recruited people for a variety of positions all around the world. I have subsequently reviewed thousands of applications and CV's, conducted hundreds of interviews, selection tests and assessment centres. Recruitment remains my passion to this day and it is one of the reasons why I started SLS Orientations. What is your career passion? 

Like a flower, I need to blossom and grow in my career; wilting is not an option

Organisations need to enable you to grow - to enable you to develop your skills and to learn new ones and to stretch your mental capability; if growth is missing your motivation and engagement levels drop. I have worked for organisations where only a fraction of my experience and knowledge was utilised and where there was little room for creativity and flexibility. My professional growth and development was restricted. I felt like I was being processed like a chicken in a chicken factory, walking on a conveyor belt with hundreds of other chickens complying with the rules and regulations and churning out a standardized service. Be a blossoming not a wilting flower in your career! 

Goal setting is key to remaining focused and keeping your career on track

Owning and operating my own business was from an early age a professional goal. I established Complete People Management, a HR consultancy business, when I moved abroad for the second time; SLS Orientations is the second business that I have owned and operated while living abroad.

Studying a master degree within my profession was another a professional goal; I successfully completed a master’s degree in International Human Resource and Globalisation in my forties. The learning from the degree enabled me to work internationally within my profession and to become an intercultural coach. Goals keep you focused on your career track. What are your career goals? 

I need to feel valued in my work

I have always had a strong tendency to overwork. Rewinding my career to its early years, a HR director singled me out; I was made an example of and not for the right reasons. I was working excessive hours. However, and this is not an excuse, I was in a job that I really enjoyed and I was highly motivated. Nonetheless, I was not setting a good example to others. Fast forward my career...….. In addition to delivering my day-to-day workload which was sufficient for two people, I was creating and implementing new systems and tools to enable me to do my work effectively. Combined, these two factors resulted in excessive hours of work. While earlier in my career this had not been a problem, it became a problem here because I was not supported in my work, I received virtually no recognition for my work, I discovered that management was taking the credit for the work that I was doing and any ideas I had for improvement were either ignored or at best taken forward into the management abyss never to be seen or heard of again. All in all, I felt undervalued. Are you valued in your work?

Our careers are intertwined with our life and thus our health 

When you are frustrated, disengaged and/or not motivated in your work, in short, when there is incompatibility between you and your work for a prolonged period of time your health may suffer. During my career I have experienced burnout; I ignored the signs and soon afterwards I was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer became a turning point in my career; the treatment went well and I eventually got better. I knew that I needed to make a change in my career, I knew what I did not want to do but not what I did want to do; I needed a clear career vision. I subsequently worked with a career coach to support and enable me to move forward in my career. Is your career in harmony with your life and health?  

Take advantage of  career opportunities that come your way 

At the beginning of my career I was given the opportunity to work abroad; this was at a time when the internet barely existed. I set off on the 5500-kilometer journey across the Atlantic Ocean. I new little about the country and the organisation where I would be working; I was taking a bold step. I was however excited and curious. 

Other opportunities have crossed my career path and subsequently my career path has, in the main, gone from strength to strength. Furthermore, I have been fortunate to have worked with some wonderful people with whom I remain in contact with to this day. When career opportunities come your way they may do so only once; if you believe the opportunity is right then go for it.  

Reflections and Learnings......

When I reflect on my career comprising both highs and low, I have no regrets, simply learnings. 

  • My learnings have enabled me to re-focus and grow in my career. 
  • My learnings have taught me the importance of knowing who I am, what I enjoy, what I am good at, what I am skilled in, what motivates me and what my ideal work is. This has enabled me to secure ideal jobs. 
  • My learnings have taught me to never compromise on my professional values. 

All of these learnings are now embedded in my work as a career and intercultural coach and trainer. 

Final Note - Investing Time in Your Career  Deserves your Exclusive Attention

You spend a lot of time at work, right? Time spent ensuring that you are clear about who you are, what you are good at and what you enjoy doing will be time well spent. Whether you are looking to fully explore your Career Orientation, require assistance with your CV, cover letter, interviews, Actualise your Career, know your Strengths, understand your behavioural and communication style or require assistance with integrating into a new country, I am here to support you and to enable you to move forward.  

What Clients and Colleagues have Said About Me

Sue is brilliant to work with. She always does what she says, fun, is straight talking and is such a positive influence. There's not many people that operate like Sue - a real professional with sound integrity. 

Sue's work ethic is second to none and she always delivers. More than that though is the fact that she has loads (and loads) of integrity.

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I look forward to enabling you to orientate and actualise your career at home and/or abroad. Contact me here or at sue(at) to learn more and to book your coaching session

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