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Career Coaching Programmes

The need to diligently manage and regularly review your career has never been greater. Project work, short-term contracts, technological advancements, home-working, self-employment and working abroad have in recent times become key features of the world of work. At different stages of your life you will therefore likely find yourself in one or more of the following situations:

  • Looking to change my career
  • Knowing what I do not want to do but not what I do want to do
  • Seeking to revitalise my career
  • No longer engaged or motivated in my work
  • Feeling stuck or lost in my work
  • Feeling undervalued in my work
  • Not progressing in my work and cannot see a way forward
  • Being out of work due to job loss / redundancy
  • Needing a clear career vision
  • Happy and engaged in my work however I need a plan for my next move

At SLS Orientations we offer Career Coaching Programmes to support you during these times enabling you to move forward in your career.  

These programmes are detailed below:

  • Orientating My Career
  • My Strengths and My Behaviours & Communication Preferences
  • Actualising My Career
  • Career Development

Orientating My Career Coaching Programme

Orientating My Career is a unique, online, tailor-made, practical career coaching programme. The programme is designed to be a positive, pragmatic and forward-looking experience enabling you to identify who you are, to assess your professional life and to make informed career decisions. 

Through a series of practical exercises and discussions you will:

  • take stock of who you are professionally
  • highlight what you have to offer prospective employers or to start your own business
  • become more self-confident when presenting yourself to employers
  • formulate a vision of your Ideal Job
  • be able to apply for jobs smartly because you understand the kinds of organisations and the type of work that best suits you
  • understand the next steps you need to take in your career

The Orientating My Career Coaching Programme comprises 6-Steps 

  • Step 1 - My Career Highlights & My Values
  • Step 2 - My Strengths 
  • Step 3 - My Behaviours and Communication Preferences
  • Step 4 - My Skills
  • Step 5 - My Ideal Job
  • Step 6 - My Way Forward and Action Plan

The content of the Orientating My Career Coaching Programme can be adjusted to meet your career needs. The programme can take up to 3 months to complete. 

Contact Sue here or at sue(at) to learn more and to book your free 30-minute exploratory meeting and to book your Orientating My Career coaching programme

My Strengths and My Behaviours & Communication Preferences Coaching Programme

My Strengths and My Behaviours and Communication Preferences Coaching Programme is a unique, online, tailor-made, practical career coaching programme. The programme is designed to enable you to fully appreciate that when you are happy, engaged, energised, confident and successful in your work you are utilising your strengths and when you better understand our own behavioural and communication style and preference you are better able to embrace the behavioural and communication preferences of others. 

Being aware of your strengths, your behaviours and communications preferences has many plus points including: 

·        boosting your self-confidence

·        increasing your self-awareness

·        focusing on doing more of what you enjoy doing and what you are good at 

·        enabling an effective job search and writing effective job applications

·        performing effectively during job interviews

·        performing better in your work

·        achieving your career goals 

The My Strengths and My Behaviours and Communication Preferences Coaching Programme comprises 3-Steps as follows:

  • Step 1 - My Strengths Profile including Career Guide
  • Step 2 - My Behaviours and Communication Preferences 
  • Step 3 - My Way Forward and Action Plan

My Strengths and Behaviours Coaching Programme can take up to 6 weeks to complete

Contact Sue here or at sue(at) to learn more and to book your free 30-minute exploratory meeting and to book your My Strengths and My Behaviours and Communication Preferences coaching programme

Actualising My Career Coaching Programme

Actualising My Career is a unique, online, tailor-made, practical career coaching programme designed to look at how to conduct effective job research, how to present yourself professionally to potential employers how to effectively negotiate a job offer and how to manage the first months in your new job. 

The programme comprises 4-Steps as follows:

·        Step 1 - Job, Country, Industry and Organisation Research

·        Step 2 - Applications - My CV, Cover Letters & LinkedIn Profile 

·        Step 3 - Interview Preparation & Skills

·        Step 4 - Job Offers & Negotiations and Settling in in your New Job

Actualising My Career Coaching Programme can take up to 6 weeks to complete. 

Contact Sue here or at sue (at) to learn more and to book your free 30-minute exploratory meeting and to book your Actualising My Career coaching programme.

Career Development Coaching

During your career you will likely find that you seek further development in a number of areas. This may include, although is not limited to:

  • Knowing Yourself
  • Working with Your Strengths
  • Setting Objectives
  • Networking
  • Managing Change
  • Professional Resilience
  • Communicating Clearly
  • Managing and Developing People
  • Managing Your Manager

The  list is endless..........

Contact Sue here or at sue(at) to discuss your career development needs and to book your free 30-minute exploratory meeting and to book your Career Development Coaching session(s)

Your Investment in the Career Coaching Programmes: 

During the Career Coaching Programme you will be encouraged to:

  • look at challenges as opportunities
  • question your thinking
  • be honest with yourself
  • be open to new ideas
  • identify solutions
  • gain clarity in your professional life
  • make informed decisions
  • take ownership of your career direction
  • create and implement a plan of action 

You will:

  • meet with your coach every two weeks for sixty or ninety minute coaching sessions.
  • complete homework for each coaching session.

Your Next Career Move Starts Here

Wherever you are right now in your career, Sue looks forward to supporting and enabling you to assess your career and to move forward with confidence. To book your free 30-minute exploratory meeting and to commence the Career Development coaching, contact Sue here or at sue(at)   

Prices? You are unique and your career needs will be different to the next person. Contact Sue here or at sue(at) to discuss your career needs and to learn more about our quality service at competitive prices. 

What Clients have said about the Career Programmes

Before I started the My Career Orientation Coaching Programme I often felt frustrated and depressed. I was insecure about my future and had little self-confidence. The sessions with Sue positively changed my outlook on life and renewed my energy to take life by the horns. Sue helped me to get to know myself and provided me with the tools to discover my true values and to find my strengths. She guided me very professionally, always paid good attention and listened carefully to what I had to say. She would ask the right questions to help me find my own answers. She gave me the ability to overcome my fear of decision-making and to boost my confidence. I benefited greatly from the reading material and tests she provided. Sue was always able to explain the programme in understandable terms supported by examples and good tips, often accompanied by humor. Now I feel ready to follow my own career path and look forward to my future with a smile. Thanks Sue! You have been a wonderful coach.  D, Russian living in the Netherlands

After having worked mostly in my own business for the past decade, some new options had opened up and I felt it was time to make a well informed choice in regards to my career. I realised this was not something I could do on my own. I needed the help of an expert. Going through the My Career Orientation coaching programme was a transformational experience. Using her exceptional skills and insights, Sue Schoormans offered me tools to analyse my career from a new perspective. Getting to know my work related values and acknowledging my true strengths, proved extremely helpful. Sue challenged me to go beyond my inner blocks and come to terms with what I really enjoy doing. Sue is very knowledgeable and highly skilled, which shines through in the quality of her work. I give her my best recommendation and will continue to recommend her to my colleagues.          E, Iceland

If I were to describe my experience of SLS Orientations, it would be "forward". The 5-Step Career Orientation coaching programme enabled me to move from a lack of clarity on how to improve my career path to gaining more self-consciousness about myself and my professional objectives. Every question and activity throughout the coaching period have brought me further in the direction of my ideal job. I am now pleased to be starting soon a new opportunity which I recognise is an important step forward. I am thankful to Sue for the learning, the challenges and the valuable support received.          R, Italian living in Belgium

Suddenly I was at a crossroads. My career had taken a turn which I had not foreseen. After several fantastic years in the same company, I was on my own. Should I apply for a job, and if so which one? Or maybe I should take the leap and establish my own business? Should I stay in the same country or find new horizons? How could I best use my skills to achieve professional happiness?  I knew Sue from a previous job and called her for advice, because I knew her to be intelligent, calm, kind and very knowledgeable about organisations and the job market. It was a fortunate coincidence that she was establishing SLS Orientations. I enrolled on her coaching programme which has taken me through a very rewarding but tough journey where I had to dig deep into myself to find answers to difficult questions and to unveil both potential and limitations. Following Sue's programme has represented solace and a safe place to analyse and understand my situation. The old crossroads is now water under the bridge and I know that I have taken the right decisions, they are already proving successful. Although less frequently, I will continue to use SLS Orientations as a sparring partner in future dilemmas or choices that might arise.      K, Norway

Sue took me through her career orientation coaching programme through late 2018 and early 2019.  I didn't really know what to expect but can honestly say I was absolutely blown away by the thoroughness of the programme and the depth of detail that was covered.  Sue's background in HR enabled her to gently and supportively probe what my values are and made me realise how important it was for me to express myself in my career in a constructive manner. I have since secured a role where I am able to work in a much more flexible way and bring my values to the role. Thank you Sue. A fabulous programme.      D, UK

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