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Certified TetraMap Facilitator
Certified TetraMap Facilitator
TetraMap Workshops
TetraMap Workshops
TetraMap Tetrahedron
TetraMap Tetrahedron

TetraMap® - My Behavioural & Communication Preferences

TetraMap is a model of behaviour that enables an understanding of our behavioural and communication preferences. When we better understand our own behaviour and communication style, we are better able to embrace the behavioural and communication differences of others.

Sue has been a TetraMap facilitator since 2008. She values the simplicity, practicality and the deep meaning that TetraMap brings and that TetraMap is quickly and easily applied in our everyday lives. Moreover, TetraMap engages us with nature: Earth, Air, Water & Fire are the metaphors of TetraMap

Understanding how to behave and communicate more effectively with others will enable you to become more successful at writing applications, at interviewing, performing your work and in developing your professional and personal relationships at home or abroad. 

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What Clients have said about our TetraMap coaching and workshops

Sue's workshops provide both personal and professional growth. I personally found the TetraMap workshop very valuable and have used the tools many times already. I warmly recommend Sue to future employers and clients.

Sue led a TetraMap seminar and a creative brainstorming break-out. Both sessions were delivered in a very warm and professional manner, were extremely hands-on and provided a safe environment for personal and professional growth.

Participants comments from the TetraMap workshop delivered at the 2009 WIN Conference in Prague.  The overall rating was 4.78 out of 5.

Enthusiastic and uplifted, learned a lot about myself and how to relate to others.

Insightful, plenty of fun and learning too.

Very positive, surprised about my behaviour patterns.

Energized and engaged, very confident and aware of people's differences.

I loved the workshop, it's been really fun, enjoyable and positive.

Thoroughly enjoyable, fabulous - best session of the conference.

Very good insight into others styles.

It was a lot of fun and the exercises helped with networking and knowing people in a different way.

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TetraMap® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in New Zealand and other countries.